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Happiness Begins Here

Reconnect With The Strongest, Happiest & Most AUTHENTIC Version Of You !

Hey, And Welcome !

If you’re ready to create more Peace … More Positivity … More Joy and Happiness in your Life,


You’re longing for the absolute Freedom To Be You


( & start living a more fulfilling and rewarding Life )

Then you might find that my work is a great fit for you !


If you get tired of the emotional overwhelm, exhausted by the negative mental chit-chat and feel disconnected from the Truth of who you really are . . . wouldn’t you LOVE to experience an easier and different way to :


  • Rise Above That Negativity ?
  • Clear Self Doubt & Self Sabotage and Release The Worry and Guilt ?
  • Do Away With Feeling Unsupported / Feeling Unappreciated / Unloved ?
  • Say NO When You Need To ? ;
  • STOP People Pleasing ?

And Still Retain The Kind, Loving Essence Of Who You Are ?

What if I could show you that it IS possible – & that it’s way easier than what you might think ?

Can You Just Imagine

What It Would Feel Like . . .


  • To be less reactive ;
  • To be more Relaxed & Peaceful;
  • To speak up & speak your Truth with Confidence (always) ;
  • To experience a clear & uncluttered mind ;
  • To feel Love & Connection with that very best part of you
  • To operate from a place of Inner Strength
  • To navigate your days with a sense of Flow & Ease
  • To be able to Freely Express your own true nature & most Authentic self
  • To be at Ease with who you truly are

Can You Sense The Joy & FREEDOM

In That ???


My Name’s Verna Joyce & I’m Really Glad That You’re Here

I’m an Intuitive Energy Healer, specialising in Emotions & Mindset, and I help people who are ready to reclaim the confidence, strength, peace & absolute freedom to live & lead from their heart, while standing strong in their Truth.

Using my intuition to connect with the unconditional love and high vibrational energy of the Divine realm of Angelic helpers and our spiritual “teams”, I’m able to “tune in” to people’s energy, identify the unhelpful mental programming & emotional blockage/s that are causing their challenges, stress & unhappiness . . . and then release that energy from every level of their being.

I then bring through Divine Healing Frequencies and Immersions of love, light and positive energy of the highest vibration, and help them reconnect with, activate and amplify their own Divine Inner Light.

I began my own healing journey over 25 years ago (you can ready more about that here) . . . and I know and understand the torment of persistent, negative mental chit-chat & dis-empowering thoughts that run rampant during the day & keep us awake at night.

The Self-Doubt & 2nd Guessing Yourself

The Feeling Of Emptiness & Longing To Feel Connected . . .

And The Burning Soul-Level Desire To Eliminate The Chaos And Just Feel Free To Live Your Life With A Sense Of Peace . . . Of Strength . . . And Ease.

And after my many years in this field of healing, I’ve also learned how to help you create the positive change you seek to completely transform your life !

For the past 10 years I’ve been helping transform the lives of many other women who have lived long enough to realise that they’re NOT really living in accordance with who they truly are at the core of their being, and who want to “be themselves”, fully and authentically . . . and experience more peace, joy, happiness, strength, and the true freedom to start living a more fulfilling and rewarding life on all levels.

My Specialties

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Clients Sharing Their Experiences

Here are a few shares from my clients.

You can click below to read more feedback & testimonials.

Hey Verna – how are you going my beautiful friend ?
I have been going really well … You would be proud of me – I have been so strong and things that have worried or hurt me in the past have been bouncing off me and I have not reacted either !

Seriously, ever since our last session I have had this amazing sense of calm about my life.

I can’t believe the difference it has made already. Am so blessed that you have come into my life.

So very very very grateful for all your talent and love.

I love how I feel now, and relish the sense of freedom I longed for.

Hi Verna, I wanted to say a big Thank You for yesterday – it was amazing.

I haven’t felt like myself in a very, very long time.  You have helped bring ME back and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate that.

From my heart, I honestly do.

Big Hugs.

So much freedom.

Everything is flowing freely.

I’m exactly where I’m meant to be.

Wow I’ve had such a good day.

So calm and just a great easy day.

Thank you so much for our amazing session.

Your Inner Peace, Strength & Freedom Awaits

What Are You Going To CHOOSE For Yourself, From This Point Forward ?

If you’ve lived long enough to realise that you’re NOT really living in accordance with who you truly are at the core of your being . . . and you’re ready to work with me privately to begin clearing those emotional & mental “layers of dust” . . . then I invite you to connect with me so I can help & support you, and we can travel this journey together.

I offer a free initial consult where I can answer any questions at all that you might have about how I can help you.  After our initial chat, you can then decide if booking a 1:1 healing session is a good fit for you.

Please click the link below to use the email contact form . . . or call or text me directly on  0427 565223 to set up a time for a chat.

I look forward to connecting with you soon.

Be Blessed .  xo.