My Story

It’s always more comfortable dealing with someone you know,

so I’ve written a little bit about myself for you here…..

Hello, I’m Verna & it’s great to “meet” you !

I began exploring and studying various natural healing modalities around 25 years ago in a bid to overcome what I felt was in many ways a very mediocre existence … and to somehow come into alignment with what I knew at a deeper level – that I deserve to, & was somehow able to, live a life filled with joy, happiness and success.

Regardless of the circumstances in the early years of our lives; whether we were born into a stable, loving & balanced family, or our environment contained struggles and trauma, I believe we all experience emotional pain at some level.

I believe that each one of us has trapped emotional energy that we weren’t able to process when we were young, & that as adults we can be affected and limited in many ways because of that.

And I also believe that regardless of our life “story”, no matter how easy and loving our environment was when we were young, or how dramatic or traumatic it was: healing is definitely possible.

Although my own start to life was quite negative and challenging ….. I didn’t feel that my life was so BAD…. it was my “normal” after all.

Fortunately, I was blessed with many beautiful friendships and many of my experiences were filled with fun and laughter.  It’s just that I never felt “complete” kind of . . . & I just intrinsically knew that there had to be something more to life …. more joy to be felt & more happiness to be experienced.

And at that time, I wasn’t even sure what I meant by that myself.

I’d always felt that inside me there was a spark of some sort, an unrealised potential maybe, and that no matter what life presented me with I could sense that the negativity in my environment was not “my lot” in this life.

I always felt an immense & “intense” love for my family and completely honoured those around me who didn’t have those same thoughts as me ….. & at the same time I remember sensing from a very young age…. “this negativity is not for me”.

It was as if I could sense the proverbial “glass ceiling”, but I wanted no part of it.

And I felt that with each negative experience that occurred in my life came an even stronger desire to lift that lid and have access to that “spark” inside me.

I was SO curious to know what that was all about & the possibilities of what I might discover.

This often caused me great confusion and was quite unsettling, but I was comforted by the feeling of this “spark” inside which I knew would somehow provide the guidance when I needed it.  And so it did….. every time.

I experienced & learned about many different natural healing modalities over the years, each leaving me feeling lighter and with a more positive perspective of my life and the world around me.

I came to realise that I was a person who’d been bogged down with so many negative thoughts, emotions and beliefs that even though I wanted things to change, I just couldn’t sustain the positivity on a long-term basis.  There were definitely periods when life seemed easy for me, only to be overshadowed in time once again by anxieties that stemmed from “who knows where”.

My curiosity & deep desire to discover a way forward kept me searching.

I started in earnest to learn how, in particular, negative thoughts, emotions and beliefs can impact our lives & hold us back from achieving the best for ourselves.

I’d become a regular client of a man who used various energy/vibrational healing techniques such as sound and colour therapy & I found the whole concept intriguing and fascinating.  And the results I was achieving emotionally, mentally and physically were positively amazing.  It really opened my eyes to what’s possible for each of us & I was becoming a living example of the profound benefits of clearing out the negativity at an energetic level.

I continued further with my learning & went on to study and become a Practitioner of Forensic Healing, The Journey, The Emotion Code & The Body Code; each of which I’ve found to be profoundly healing modalities on all levels & in all areas.  They work together beautifully & I rest easy these days knowing I’m able to “cover all bases” for my clients, whatever the challenge may be.

All of the methods I use with my clients I have also used with myself on my own healing journey.  My intuition has developed steadily and I combine that with logic to help my clients clear the blocks which are holding them back from living the happy life they deserve to live.

These days I find it easy to be happy and “go with the flow” as my life unfolds.

That perceived “glass ceiling” has long since gone & I can happily say that I’m now living purposefully & that joy, happiness & success are now my constant companions.

I know you want that for yourself too, & I’m so honoured to be able to help you achieve that.

A friend of mine once said to me “You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know ! ”.  Wow!  That’s just SO spot on !!

So, for you, I’m breaking down that wall ….. so that you DO know what’s holding you back… so that you may become aware of what’s possible for you ….. the incredible things that you’ll experience for yourself if you’re willing to explore what’s holding you back, & then being open to clearing out the cause.

I promise you, it IS easy…. and it IS effective!

I’ve continued to develop & add to my “toolbox” of skills so I can help people transform their lives by getting clear & being Brilliant!

I know I can help you be the BEST version of you possible!

I guide ordinary, everyday people like you, from all walks of life, to a place that’s filled with happiness … and THAT’S my absolute passion !

And I can say from the deepest place in my heart ….. when you clear out the negativity & balance your energy in this way …….. Freedom IS Possible !

If you’re resonating with what I’m saying here . . . and you feel a deep yearning to find your “more” . . . touch base with me using the contact form & let’s get YOU moving forward!


Wishing you the best of health, on every level.




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