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 Due to the very personal nature of my work, some names have been changed to respect privacy.

. . . A BIG THANK YOU for sharing your healing stories . . . 

O my gosh where do I begin !!

It started when I realised I’d lost my inner peace and I didn’t know what to do or who I could turn to.

It was through a friend that I met Verna and that day was the start of my healing ….. I’ve learnt that it’s ok to feel it, deal with it, and let it go.

I’m calmer with my approach to life and dealing with things as they arise – good or bad.

I’ve got more control of my reactions towards situations….. I had so much anger and resentment inside me which made me so negative.

It’s amazing, as the healing takes place you feel the negativity, hate and resentment leave you.  It’s happening without you realising it.

I’ve always been a very sensitive person and had high expectations from family and friends, but through my healing I’m so much more accepting of others.  I don’t react anywhere near as much.

But most of all, I got my inner peace back!

It’s all about being honest to yourself so it can happen….. All you need to do is find some time for you sit back, relax and let it happen and you’ll find a new YOU !


Working with Verna has opened my heart to love in a way I had only ever hoped.

I have a love for who I am through remembering and releasing the past.

I don’t know how it works, but I do know that I have an energy and love for myself, those I love and those I have loved that I had forgotten.

I am so blest by my decision to reach out to you, Verna.

Thank you.


2 yrs  ago I began waking at nights in the utmost fear and anxiety of feeling like my time was up.

Doctors could not find anything wrong with me and suggested antidepressants.

I was so relieved to find Verna and begin working with her to disperse my fear and anxieties that were surfacing from parts of my life I had no control over.

My phone consultations were just as relaxing and rewarding as my face to face ones


My whole life, in all those 19 years, I’ve been tired. I’ve struggled with the blessing of death for as long as I can remember. The cage of fear that was stuck around myself, the constant fear, it made me shut down. I was cut off of life itself.

I just recently had my first session – and I’m alive.  She resurrected me, with her gentle, incredibly loving healing methods.  She brought me back to life, and I can only say one thing:

Do it. Get a session.  Doesn’t matter for how long.  Talking to her is like taking the elevator to happiness.  It’s incredible. Give her the benefit of the doubt and feel, see and breathe the changes after it has happened.  You’ll be left breathless!


I also wanna take the chance to thank you again, Verna, for everything.  This session was one of the most meaningful conversations I ever had.  Be blessed with much love, light and happiness!

Kim Hafke

Thanks for the session tonight, Verna.

I have such a light and clear feeling in my mind.

So ready to tackle whatever comes my way, especially my singing.

Having the session on the phone was great – I love this no travelling !

Thanks again, Verna.  This Emotion Code has really made a difference in the way I feel.

Thanks for everything.

Take care. x.

Mick, Victoria

After my sessions with Verna I felt a lot more positive, I even had a friend comment how I was standing a lot straighter.

I felt a lot more confident and more positive.

It was amazing, as it’s been 12 months since I first emailed her and we have only spoke on the phone. I have never actually met Verna in person.

But she changed my life that much that I have now done the emotion code course myself and now, like Verna, I have been helping people.

I highly recommend Verna to anyone.

Lindsay Merkel

My name is Ron.  For as long as I can remember I have had problems with socialising, unpredictable mood swings, not being able to prioritise simple life choices or out comes, and I did not know why it was happening to me.

I met Verna as a customer of mine as I own a small business making security doors.  When making Verna’s door, I asked what she did with emotional therapy, as I am a very negative, half glass empty sort of person.

I had no intention of seeking help, for I did not think I had a problem.  But I ended up booking a session.

As a child age 11 an accident happened where my younger brother was killed crossing a road with me while we were walking to school.  This changed my family for ever for I carried the guilt.  Until I met Verna recently, I had no idea of the baggage I had carried for 44 years.

Verna’s treatment has given me a carefree, stressfree lifestyle that I had been missing out on all my adult life.

I feel amazing.

My family love it because they don’t have to walk on eggshells, and can speak freely with out me jumping down their necks.

My business is much better because I can organise daily activities much quicker and smoothly.

I strongly recommend Verna’s treatment.  All you have to do is relax and believe for a better life.

Thanks Verna. Luv ya.


The Emotion Code and Body Code are fastest, effective methods I have come across, for clearing locked-in programs and emotions (I have tried a lot, such as NLP, EFT, Journey and others).

I know from experience with various modalities that is of VITAL importance that the practitioner is well trained and has the right attitude. Would you trust somebody who had just done a “weekend course” and/or who is primarily motivated by the money to take a walk through YOUR unconscious mind?

Verna is trained and certified, and cares about her clients. I know you will get results.


Freeing Myself From The Past …..


I have had the pleasure of meeting Verna and having her work with me over the last year.

I had been suffering from and diagnosed with Depression and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

I was at a point where my body was constantly in pain and I was using western medicine to treat me.  Unfortunately this was not helping and the pain was ongoing.

My psychologist recommended that I might like to try alternatives and put me in contact with Verna, and since then I have not looked back.

The systems that Verna uses are gentle and unobtrusive, and through connecting with my subconscious mind she was able to get to the causes of a lot of my issues.

Even after the first session I noticed a definite positive difference in how I felt, and this improvement has been ongoing.  I even have a better understanding of myself.

Using “The Emotion Code” and other healing techniques during my sessions has changed my life and without Verna’s intervention, I would still be stuck in my old patterns and beliefs that weren’t serving me well.

I have a new lease on life, one found through my meeting Verna.

S.M., Victoria

Freedom from ….. HEART WALL Energy


Dear Verna,

When one of my best friends rang me and told me that speaking to you was something that I simply had to do, I heard this little voice in my head LOUDLY agreeing with her.  The key was the word ‘Heart’ and the clincher was the word ‘Wall’.  I knew that I had this and wondered what it would feel like to be free of it once and for all.

During my session you pinpointed exactly when I trapped my emotions over the years, all 44 years and it was with real fascination that I watched the experience unfold within myself.

It was very emotional but so cleansing.  You were helping me in such a kind and incredible way.  I felt 100 per cent supported and safe, even though we had just met.

That night I dreamed all night.  Then the next day I woke up and as the morning progressed I realised that the dull ache that used to be in my heart….was gone.

Triggers that would normally make my heart ‘clamp’ down, shut off or just feel ‘achy’ no longer did.  There was no fear rising in my stomach when I felt judged or that I had let someone down or done something wrong.  No flushed face at work under pressure.

And most importantly, whenever I think of something now that used to make me feel nostalgic in a negative way, to do with loss or even traumatic grief, that awful aching feeling is now gone.  Completely.  In the sense that thinking about past grievances does not ‘bring me down’ as it used to.

It’s not like what happened to me in the past didn’t happen, of course it did, and a number of experiences really did a lot of damage to my heart and to my psyche.  Loss, unparalleled grief and a sense of overwhelmed ness that I thought would stay with me forever.  But now, I swear, I feel different.  It’s subtle but at the same time it’s a massive shift.

I am ready to move forward in my life, to welcome love and life and challenges and everything that life has to offer.  I am ready to be a better mother, daughter, sister and friend.  And of course, attract new love into my life.

It’s time to get back in the saddle !

Bring it on world !

Love Jools xxxx

Prior to my session with Verna, I was feeling trapped…trapped by feelings of uncertainty and apprehension, fear of failure, and a general sense of ‘being lost’. These feelings were like a cloud that blocked my vision for who I wanted to become in my continuous journey of personal and spiritual growth. Despite having had a logical and practical sense of achievement from past positive life experiences, I still had feelings of self-doubt and unworthiness.

Since my first session with Verna, I feel calmer and ‘lighter’, and my vision is much clearer. I can now easily focus on the issues that will help me move forward. And I found an urgency to discard negative influences in my life, and was able to do this with a great sense of empowerment. I am much calmer and at peace, and more attuned to my surroundings and my dealings with others. I feel that I am available and emotionally present to listen and appreciate my daughter’s and husband’s conversations and needs. And the response to my increased positive energy was immediately evident, with an equally – if not greater – positive energy being reciprocated by them. Family life is calmer and we are quickly forming stronger bonds. I also have found time to sit and think and reflect, with a sense of being grateful for where I am in life and of where I am going. I no longer dwell on the ‘what-ifs’ as they relate to negative past events or an uncertain perceived future. I now realise I dwelled on the negatives a great deal more than I thought. The information collected during the session and correlation to age-related events and negative trapped emotions tapped into a conscience understanding that they would have impacted on my life. There were a few surprises, which made sense when exposed. But my body had a pleasant response to Verna’s treatment – like an excited nervous energy and then calm release. I love how I feel now, and relish the sense of freedom I longed for.

Michelle B.

Freedom from ….. THE ROLLER COASTER

In the past 5 years I have been on a journey of healing, needless to say it has been like a roller coaster ride combined with dodgem cars! On and off with different psychologists over the years, combined with natural healing methods also. Whilst it helped having someone to vent to, at times I thought I had made some great progress, only to realise that I had just found something new to distract me from what I was feeling, thus resulting in me crashing and falling into a heap yet again. I just constantly felt that I was running from the traumas of my life, not ever believing that they would ever stop affecting me. Ready to give up, a psychologist told me about this thing called the Emotion Code. He couldn’t give me much info on it, just that he had seen some amazing results after exploring the Emotion Code. So after some consideration something was telling me to just give it a go, as I had nothing to lose,…. little did I know what I would gain. Having an open mind I went to my first session, still really not knowing what to expect, just letting it be. Among the techniques Verna used was the Emotion Code. After my first session I was buzzing, only noticing how heavy I had been with all this unnecessary negativity and emotion I was carrying around in my daily life. When I was finally able to breathe, it was like for the first time I was able to breathe. For a long time I knew that I wanted to be free and happy, to not be a prisoner of my past or victim to the future, scared of repeating old habits and behaviours, or things completely out of my control. I just didn’t have the ‘tools’ to do so. Well now I have. Working with Verna and extensively using the Emotion Code in my sessions has changed my life! I am loving discovering myself, literally shedding anything that may be holding me back from my true potential, in order to be the absolute best possible me that I can be. It’s almost addictive ! My changes aren’t a flash of lightning and bam you’re a different person. For me it’s been more like noticing how I have reacted to a particular situation differently, or a type of behaviour or person. My confidence continues to grow and my life positive. My choices, more clear. My happiness, real, and most of all I have began my art again after we uncovered what was stopping me from creating…. What I gained was my life! Verna is just amazing at what she does. Including The Emotion Code in sessions is gentle yet so powerful it honestly has the power to change your life, as I continue to see with every session that I have with Verna. So honestly, if you are in two minds about trying the Emotion Code or any of the sessions Verna offers, like I said before, just give it a go, as you have nothing to lose, only love, life and happiness to gain. Thank you so much for all that you do and that you are Verna.

Erini, Victoria.


This session of “muscle testing” has lifted my mood to a positive outlook. I now have a clear direction in life without any drugs or any rehashing of old “stuff”. I face new experiences with confidence .

I feel lighter and enjoy life.


Jean, Victoria


Hi Verna

Just wanted to touch base and tell you I’m doing fantastic!!

Guess what?? I’m climbing the Sydney Harbour bridge next week!!!!

How’s that for facing my fears!!

I seriously want to thank you for all your time – you have had a huge impact on my life xo.

Leah D., Victoria


Verna has helped me in many ways.

When I first went to Verna I felt frustrated, confused and not being able to cope with teenage pressures. I felt really comfortable with Verna, and felt like I could tell her anything. She helped me understand myself and others around me better.

I now find it easier to express my feelings and communicate with people around me, especially my parents. And since having my sessions I have more happier and confident days than frustrated, confused and angry ones.

Thank you Verna, for giving me insight for dealing with life’s challenges and for giving me confidence in myself.

(Name withheld), 14yo., Tatura, Victoria.


What a life saving day it was for me the day I met VERNA.

I was grieving the loss of yet another sister. I was having counselling to help me with the depression I was experiencing but it didn’t seem to be working. I was desperate and couldn’t lift myself out of this black hole.

I found Verna, asked if she could help. After our very first session I came away feeling like I was alive again.

THE BIG BLACK CLOUD I was in was lifted and gone. It felt like I was alive again.

Thank you and blessings to you.

Lainie, Victoria


These healing sessions were very beneficial in enabling me to identify the reasons for some of my behaviours and emotions. The sessions were a very gentle way of guiding me to the realisation and negative emotions connected to particular phases in my life.

Once Identified, a very gentle process was undertaken to remove these negative emotions and connections. I found this a very rewarding experience.

Before hand I had a tendency to dwell on the negative aspects of my life and I had a tendency to lay blame for my circumstances. Since working with Verna I have found myself able to experience a much more positive outlook on life and I can now understand the reasons why I feel the way I do. I have gained a greater understanding of how to prevent myself from always assuming the worst and I can now stop myself from engaging in negative counterproductive thoughts.

I found this a very beneficial and rewarding process which taught me many things about myself, some great. I highly recommend this to anyone interested as you may never know how much of a great impact it could have on you until you experience it.

Sue, 42yo., Victoria


Hi Verna,

I wanted to thank you again for all of your kind support through this journey of mine. I still believe you saved me from spiralling down emotionally.

It was like I was held captive by my life and all the negative emotions I was experiencing and couldn’t find the self belief and courage to do what I needed to do to free myself. I knew I had to change my life in order to find my true self and my happiness, and was trying to do that, but just couldn’t see a way out of my situation and it all just seemed hopeless.

Verna, you took away all the negative emotions that were strangling me and stopping me from living my life, and there were many of them, and gave me the emotional freedom, strength and self-belief to do what I knew I needed to do to find my true freedom and happiness.

My journey has been a struggle, and there were some very tough times, but without all the negative emotions weighing me down, I bounced back quicker and was emotionally stronger to get through them. I lost the constant anxiety that was tying me down which opened up new pathways for me to follow.

I went from a feeling of dying on the inside to being able to feel again, and more importantly, to feel hope and love again, which was all I ever really wanted.

So thank you Verna, you are an Angel ! x




Thank you for everything you have done for me. You have helped me immensely.

I am able to open up and let myself feel my emotions properly since you cleared my Heart Wall, which is great.

You have been given a wonderful gift which you use for the best possible reasons.

Thank You !


K.A., Victoria

Freedom from ….. STRESS & BOREDOM

It’s amazing how we hold ourselves back in life from doing what we really want to do.

Working with Verna has been life-changing for me.  I am much more calm and peaceful and am positive about my future.


Maria, Age 42, Mooroopna, Victoria.

Freedom from …….. HOLDING ON TO THE PAST

Since working with Verna I am now experiencing a feeling of peace after having “unloaded” the negativity and after letting go, physically, emotionally & mentally.

I am more clear, calmer and more present.

I am more aware of the negative thought patterns I had formed as a child & throughout my life.  I now realise that you can change them – to be more positive – and let go of the old (negative).  The key is to catch yourself out when you’re doing it and change your actions/reactions right THEN!

It took me a long time to get that it’s MY CHOICE how I respond to any situation!

By releasing the negativity I was holding onto, I find that I’m responding more positively, more often, without having to “try”.

Thank you for showing me a better way.


Leanne, 46yo., Tatura, Victoria

Freedom from …….. FEAR, ANXIETY

My daughter, Maree is 11 years of age and would never sleep on her own since she was 3 years of age.

Over the years it progressively got worse – not only would she not sleep on her own, it would take anything from 1 hour to 3 hours for her to fall asleep.

It was a tedious, frustrating experience every night that was taking over a family life for the worse!!

Thank you Verna, Maree doesn’t have that anxiety and fear anymore.

Maree is a happier child.  She feels safe, and she is having the most sleep she has ever had in her life!


Maree says :   ” I am happy I can actually fall asleep now, and sleep on my own.”


Thank You, Verna !

Maree’s Mother


Bless you, Verna !

After finishing my treatment for breast cancer – And Surviving – I felt I had been given a second chance.  Not only at life, but at happiness too.

I had a Lot of baggage holding me back.  And after a few sessions with you, I feel so alive, happy, healthy.  I’m stronger.  Clearer from all that baggage!

I have my life back!

And my angel looking over me. ?

You made such a difference.

Thank you xxxx.

Theraze, 53yo.

Theraze, 53yo.


I have attended many lovely sessions with Verna, the results are instant and amazing!

It has benefited myself and my family greatly. Here are some examples :

  • I have more control in stressful situations, I don’t react like I used to.
  • I now don’t have the anxiety that I was experiencing before, that would ruin my life.
  •  I am no longer anxious about going to work or talking to other professional people.
  •  I do not get startled by everyday noises; I am calmer and less nervous.
  •  I do not suffer from depression anymore.
  •  I have a more positive attitude towards life.
  •  I no longer have my hip, back and neck pain.
  •  My spiritual path has grown and is continuing to grow.
  •  I have forgiven the people who I had so much anger towards, for many years.
  •  I choose to make better life choices now than before.
  •  I have more trust and confidence in myself, I feel empowered.

The list goes on……

Everyone should try this amazing experience NOW !!!!


Di, Age 41, Victoria.

Freedom from …….. ANGER & LOW CONFIDENCE

Jason’s Journey :

I have noticed a change in my 12 year old son since he began his Journey.

He is more calm and able to face the world.

He says “I feel different” – he can’t verbalise his feelings but knows he feels better.

This is in part due to his own healing and letting go, but also due to me letting go and not being tense – I didn’t realise that I was passing on my negative feelings to him – this has stopped!

I feel Jason is now better equipped to cope with his teenage years.


Thank you, Verna.


Jason’s Mother


My sessions with Verna were just what I needed, even though I didn’t know it at the time.

Feeling clogged up in the head with emotions and not knowing how to deal with them, what to do with myself or where to go.

It’s like cleaning out your closet … but it’s in your head. 

It’s painless and easy. 

It makes you see that you don’t have to take on anyone else’s baggage.

I see situations now and can see where I was going wrong before.  I am less stressed, peaceful and know what direction I choose to go in.  I’m taking a step back and am making better choices in my decisions, friends, situations and life in general.

I highly recommend anyone giving Verna a go in giving you a journey to freedom….I did and I can’t thank her enough.


WD., Victoria.



My 7 year old son is no longer as resistant to trying new foods.  Since his sessions with Verna I have noticed an improvement in him being more willing to try different foods.

Verna also worked with my son’s phobia of the dark, which is no longer an issue.



During an episode of teething, my 14 month old baby was crying, fussy, unsettled and not sleeping.  We were all very tired!  During the session with Verna we discovered that my baby was dehydrated and also needed to release trapped emotions including confusion and helplessness.

The improvement was immediate.  My baby was content, settled and slept soundly all night.

Thank you, Verna !


Charlie A., 35yo., Victoria


The amazing shifts I have had sometimes make me think “ whoooo is this me ?????”.

I don’t react to other peoples CR*P ….. I CAN ACTUALLY LET IT GO !  That’s their stuff and I don’t buy into it.

This is huge for me !

I Am that I Am.

Much love,

HUGE thanks,


Lainie, Victoria.


“I feel calm and light.  I no longer have tension headaches or clench my teeth.  I smile a lot more.  I don’t feel pain when I recall things that have occurred in my past.  I’m more patient.  I feel more worthy.”

24th. January, 2012

Jacqui S., Victoria

Freedom from …….. WATER PHOBIA & STRESS


Hi Verna,

I really enjoyed our sessions together, and valued your professionalism and knowledge.

You made me feel special.

I am much more relaxed and calm within myself, and handle stressful times with clarity which enables me to cope very well.

The greatest benefit for me is the freedom from my water nightmares.  I can close my eyes for sleep and am free from water engulfing me wherever I am.

It is pure bliss.


Thank you.

Much Love.

Shirley M., 66yo., Shepparton.

Freedom from …….. LACK OF SELF-WORTH

Before I commenced healing sessions with Verna I had constant headaches and was tense all the time – wound tightly, ready to pounce at the slightest thing that went wrong, or burst into tears.

Having began my journey – I don’t suffer from the headaches (that I realised I had lived with for many years).  I am more relaxed and able to cope with what life brings to me.

I am more positive in my interactions and relationships – “things” still happen that aren’t quite right but I don’t feel the pain that I did before.

I have learned to let go of the negatives in my life and attract more positivity.

I am now a better parent, partner and friend.

If I feel myself slipping into old habits – I remind myself that no good can come from it, and change my thought pattern.


I have learnt that I am WORTHY !


Jacqueline, 49yo., Mooroopna, Victoria


If you want to feel free of old trouble and torment & have a free and loving life, then spending time with Verna will help.

It’s easy to unload your worries in a safe environment and know it will be kept private!

The benefits are feeling clearer, calmer, more at peace with yourself and more understanding of others and why they might be like they are.

You are never alone.  There is always someone else that feels the same as you and to deal with that is a big step forward to a better life.


Try Journey to Freedom – you will love it !!!

Tracey, Age 46, Victoria



“Having worked with Verna, several times trying and succeeding with breaking emotionally trapped areas of my life, I was yet to experience the one breaking that would set me free – not because it hadn’t worked, but because I had not yet tried (nor had I been emotionally ready) for the releasing of this particular bond of negativity.

This negative bond related to the most dysfunctional relationship I had experienced in all my life, and sadly it was with my mother.

This relationship had impacted on all my other relationships since I was a child.  I had tried in so many ways to rectify our relationship, taking on much of the blame so as to avoid blaming her. I did know on an intellectual level that it wasn’t me; however I lacked the fortitude to put the responsibility on her shoulders.

At 56, with a failed marriage and other dysfunctional relationships, I sought Verna’s help.

On a special Friday afternoon very recently, I quietly asked Verna to help me to forgive my mother as I could no longer carry the burden of all this anger, sadness and despair.  I wanted to let the pain, the, visceral pain go, so I could live with peace and to acknowledge that she didn’t know better.  I wanted to forgive my mother, but didn’t know how to, nor did I have the tools, to do this in a lasting, meaningful way that would enable me to go forth in life as my own person.  (Please note I had tried church, and therapy to no avail, it simply compounded the matter as though I wasn’t trying hard enough, or I didn’t want it enough).

Verna guided me through an imagery process of an Angel with a bright light, which I was able to do by simply remembering a childhood biblical picture, depicting Angels with wide open arms, with light emanating from them, until the whole room was filled with light which was peaceful and beautiful. Verna then immersed herself in such a way as to be the voice of my mother asking me for forgiveness, and to tell me I could now forgive myself.

I was silent throughout this meditation except for the tears that would not stop flowing.  As I write this, I am again transported back to that moment and the feeling of weightlessness, the realisation that my mother’s problems were not mine to carry.

This ‘prayer’ and release of the bond of negativity, was to be put to the test much sooner than I had anticipated. My mother and I were estranged and would remain so, however due to unforeseen events I had cause to see her very soon after my session. This traumatic event was made so much less so with the blessings via Verna, which remain with me today and every day.

God Bless and everlasting gratitude to Verna.

From the bottom of my heart,


17th. September, 2013



Postscript : 20th. September, 2013


Darling Verna,

Thank you so very much.

Vern, you have done more to heal my Soul than all the very many therapists and medical practitioners that I have sought help and guidance from in over 40 years.

I have not yet had the pleasure of meeting you in person, but I look forward to the day we do meet.

Verna you are an integral part of my Soul’s journey, whom it was inevitable I would seek out.

Our sessions over the phone, with many miles between us demonstrate the absolute strength of both the power and commitment of your life’s work.

So, with deepest love and continued gratitude, I say, may “God” or whoever your higher power may be, please continue your work and may you live in peace.





When I first started seeing Verna I was at a difficult time in my life where I felt my world was falling apart and I was losing control.  I had a business/friendship breakdown, my marriage was struggling and I was feeling depressed, confused and totally destroyed.

After only a few sessions with Verna I started to pick up the pieces of my life and was emerging more focused, stronger and peaceful.

I understand more about myself and the decisions I make and the emotions that drive those decisions.

I’m in the driver’s seat of my life now and no longer feel the need to run away from it all.

Verna is an amazing woman who has the ability to instantly calm you just by being in her presence.  Her healing methods are instant, gentle and nurturing.

We have worked together on treating things like depression, confusion, anger, physical & emotional pain, negativity, anxieties as well as helping my husband through his cancer treatments, emotionally and physically.

Our children have also benefitted greatly from working with Verna and we have noticed a positive and significant change in their attitudes and outlook on life.

I now feel ready and able to move forward from my past experiences, free to be the best version of me.


Thank you Verna, for helping me get my life back on track and helping our family unit in such a positive way.


From Danielle, 39yo., Victoria


We have had the pleasure of dealing with Verna recently in a hope to help our family, in particular our youngest child, with some behaviour and frustration issues that has affected our child for some time.

The healing sessions and experiences assisted not only our child and myself, but our whole family.

Our child has shown an improvement in overall reasoning, understanding and general behaviour, which has been so wonderful to experience.

It’s very special to see the happiness in our child’s heart.

It’s just lovely to know that Verna is a phone call away and her wonderful ways and caring spirit is so genuine and beneficial.

I have recommended my sister to Verna and she feels the same way.


Verna is a very special lady.


JC’s Mum, Mooroopna



I would recommend this work to anyone who feels like they’re stuck in life somehow.  It just works!

It’s easy and simple and I love the way I feel after clearing out the negative emotions and old belief systems.  GREAT STUFF !


Sarah, Age 36, Shepparton, Victoria.


From when I can remember (being a small child) I have had difficulty in falling asleep and staying asleep!

Since my session with Verna this has improved my sleeping by about 80%!!

Totally happy with the results. This is something everybody must try! And I have been spreading the word.


Looking forward to future treatments   🙂


Nicole Collie, Victoria.


My session with Verna was intriguing!  The realisations I had as the session unfolded were profound and I now have great insights as to the reason I couldn’t progress.

I’m happy to be free of those limits now and am excited about my future.


Allan, Age 52.

Business Owner, Shepparton




Dear Verna,

Today I would like to thank you for all the help you have given me over the past few months, you truly have a gift you need to share with others who struggle in life like I was.

Over the last few weeks I’ve really started to notice the difference this journey to freedom has made in my life.

You have made the sessions so easy to understand and the tools you have given me are so simple to apply to my daily life.

It is quite astounding how negative emotions that we build up in life affect us later on, and the relief you get when they are cleared out with this simple yet effective process.

I’m using the tools you have taught me whenever I need help to cope with my day to day challenges.  I even incorporate them when my two sons struggle with their anger and sadness, and I’m am able to help them with their relationship issues.

This journey has given me inner peace and is helping me get over my sadness and grief that has been in my life since the sudden passing of my mother 8 years ago.  The relationship with my children and husband is getting stronger every day and I’m now able to really enjoy the good times in life.

I am now able to stay focused on my progress and also reinforce the new beliefs I have set for myself.


Keep up the fantastic work and I’m sure to let others know what amazing work you do.

All the best.


R.B., Victoria

Awesome !

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